The vast majority of people who opt for facial aesthetic treatment choose dermal fillers or botox treatment, but there is another lesser known procedure known as a brow lift. So what exactly is it and how can it enhance an appearance? Let’s take a closer look….

As the ageing process takes hold some people may experience mild to moderate sagging in the brow area. This can make them appear older than their years. One suggestion may be a surgical cosmetic procedure that lifts the brow back into position. As you can imagine this is pretty invasive stuff and costly to boot. So what if you don’t want to go under the knife? What are your options? You might want to consider a non-surgical eyebrow lift using botox treatment.

What's A Brow Lift And How Does It Enhance An Appearance 2So how does it enhance the appearance?

Carefully controlled amounts of Botox are skilfully injected into the area that contains the muscles that depress the brow. This causes the muscles to rest and relax when the brow is in a lifted position.  As well as lifting the brow horizontally, skilled practitioners can also lift the tail end of the brow by injecting into the crow’s feet area to the side of the eye, creating an attractive raised arch. The type of treatment carried out depends upon the facial aesthetic requirements of the patient, but primarily the idea is to enhance the framework around the eyes. In addition dermal fillers can also be used in conjunction with a non-surgical brow lift to fill out those deep ingrained wrinkles that occur as we age. Together they can be used to create an impressive youthful look.

Who is a brow lift for?

Botox treatment for brow lifting is used on men and women of all ages and skin types. It can help those people who experience mild brow hooding as well as those with naturally droopy or low-hanging eyelids, in order to achieve that perfect youthful look. The advantages of a non-surgical brow lift are obvious. It’s non-evasive (unlike a surgical full brow lift), it costs a fraction of what the equivalent surgical procedure would cost, and there’s zero recovery/down time, so patients can go about their daily business right away. Provided that patients choose their cosmetic specialist with care, it really is a win/win situation. Not only does the patient get the look they want, they appear more confident because of it.

If you’re concerned about your ageing appearance and are considering botox treatment, dermal fillers, or a brow lift, then come and speak to Dr Shi Karim and the team. Botulinum Toxin has been approved for use in the UK since 2002 and is safe to use; so why not book a consultation and get all your questions and concerns answered, allowing you to make a fully informed decision.


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If you’re in need of facial aesthetics enhancement, particularly dermal fillers, Manchester-based Church Road dental has it covered. We offer a wide range of treatment including lip augmentation, brow lifts, and wrinkle reduction using Botox. Manchester patients can rest assured that when they choose us, they’re in safe and secure hands. As dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatments, it’s worth taking a closer look at what they are and how they work. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in…

Dermal Fillers Manchester – What Are They And How Do They Work 2

First of all, what exactly are they?

Dermal fillers are a harmless synthetic or naturally-derived material that is injected directly under the surface of the skin. Their purpose is to plump up the area sufficiently so that the depression, wrinkle, or fold disappears. It can be used on the lips to create a more defined and voluptuous mouth, or on the cheeks to define a better shape. It can also be used to even out indented scars caused by acne or chicken pox, or to fill out depressions under the eye area. Effects generally last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years depending upon the type of filler. However some modern permanent fillers can now last 5 years and some even more than that.

Dermal fillers shouldn’t be confused with Botox. Manchester patients for example may need both Botox and dermal fillers to enhance their facial aesthetics. So what’s the difference? Unlike dermal fillers Botox relaxes the muscles to prevent certain movements that result in wrinkles. Primarily Botox is used on the so called movement lines which are noticeable when we create an expression. These include areas around the forehead and eyes. Alternatively dermal fillers are used to plump up or fill static creases and crevices that are ever present. When used in conjunction with one another, the combination can produce a remarkably youthful look.

Naturally-derived vs synthetic fillers

There are two primary types of dermal fillers in Manchester. Those which contain hyaluronic acid and those which contain synthetic fillers. HA (a type of carbohydrate) is found naturally in the body and is used to hydrate your eyes and lubricate joints to prevent frictional force. When injected under the skin it plumps up the area. Because HA dermal fillers are natural they propose far less risk of an allergic reaction. However on the down side they tend to break down after 6-18 months and the area needs to be redone.

Conversely synthetic fillers are usually made in a laboratory and because they can’t dissipate, they can last for many years. That said because they’re permanent, any problems associated with them, no matter how rare, might also be permanent and far harder to correct.

In the right hands dermal fillers Manchester used in conjunction with Botox Manchester are a fast and efficient way to achieve great facial aesthetics. To find out more, talk to Dr Shi Karim and the team at Cheadle Facial Aesthetics and take the first steps towards a youthful look.

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Even as little as two decades ago if someone suggested that you visit the dentist for a brow lift in Manchester or treatment for various other facial aesthetics in Manchester, you probably would have laughed at them. However with the increase in cosmetic dentistry, more and more dentists are turning to facial aesthetics to create a complete look that enhances the smile.

This means that in 2016, should you need a brow lift, lip fillers, or a course of Botox, Cheadle Hulme residents can call into our state-of-the-art Church Road dental practice and combine this with a scale and polish for their teeth, all under one roof. While this is obviously convenient, the question remains…. how exactly does this fit into dentistry?

The bottom line is that aesthetic dentistry doesn’t just start and finish with the lips. Instead perfect teeth still need to fit into the framework of the face. While an exquisite occlusion and gleaming white teeth are a good start, if they’re framed by a face that’s showing signs of age then it detracts  from the effect that the dentist is trying to achieve. For this reason dermal fillers, brow lifts, and Botox can all be used to give a more youthful look.

In addition dentists have a good working knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck, including all the nerves, blood vessels, and facial muscles that make up the face. Add to this the fact that dentists already deliver hundreds of injections every year and have vast experience and familiarity with the technique, means that they are ideal candidates to provide lip enhancements, wrinkle reduction, and much more.

Facial Aesthetics Manchester – How It Fits Into Dentistry 2

The advantages of facial aesthetics Manchester

Facial aesthetic treatments such as a brow lift Manchester or Botox Cheadle are very quick to administer. So for any patient, they can receive noticeably effective treatment against the signs of ageing, in as little as one hour. The latest dental anaesthetics mean that the process is safe and pain free, and patients can look younger faster, without having to go ‘under the knife’. It’s less invasive than many other dental treatments and requires no down time, so it fits right in with today’s busy society. What’s more facial treatments such as botulinum toxin or dermal fillers can be used for anti ageing prevention and anti ageing correction, so you don’t need to physically show the signs of growing old before treatment can be carried out.

If you’re seeking treatment for a brow lift Manchester or Botox cheadle Hulme, then come and talk to Church Road Dental. We’ve been restoring patients’ youthful looks using facial aesthetics Manchester for many years and have the experience and the skills to help you look your very best. For further details contact us today. On behalf of Dr Shi Karim and the team, we look forward to helping you.

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