A Beginners Guide to Facial Aesthetics

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From Botox treatment to dermal fillers and brow lifts, facial aesthetics come in a wide variety.

Whether you’re interested in looking your best for an upcoming job interview or a potential romantic relationship, facial aesthetics can be the answer.

If you’re new to the world of facial aesthetics you likely have tons of questions too.

Down below we’ve outlined the basics of these treatments and the benefits you can expect from them.

Top Treatments

While each year brings with it new facial aesthetic treatments, some remain ever popular. These include the following.


Botox Treatment

Botox has been around since 1987 and is used to treat a wide variety of aging and facial deformities. Doctors use it to relax facial and neck muscles to get rid of signs of aging. It is also used to tighten and lift facial muscles for a more youthful look.

According to the Daily Mail, over 1 million botox injections occur each year. Proven to be safe and effective for a wide variety of treatments, botox treatment is not only safe but also incredibly popular.

Depending on your unique circumstances, health, and desired effect Botox treatment may be the right treatment for you. Speak with one of our facial aesthetics experts to learn more.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to reduce fine lines on the face and to bring back volume and fullness. Thanks to the natural aging process, our faces lose subcutaneous fat. This causes our facial muscles to lie closer to the skin’s surface, causing crow’s feet and smile lines to appear.

On top of this, our skin stretches, causing an even greater loss of facial volume. Our lifestyle, sun exposure, and genes also contribute to a loss of facial skin tightness.

The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Other factors that affect the facial skin include sun exposure, heredity, and lifestyle.

Put simply, dermal fillers breathe life back to our skin. Dermal fillers can be used to plump your lips, reduce the appearance of scars, soften facial creases and wrinkles, and decrease or remove the shadow over the lower lids. It’s also a great tool to use to fight off the first signs of aging and is a great addition to any rejuvenation surgery.


Brow Lift

Countless people get a brow lift each year. Also called a forehead lift, brow lifts are designed to reduce wrinkles that exist horizontally across the forehead. Some wrinkles that exist between the eyes and the bridge of the nose can also be reduced with a brow lift.

Whether you want to improve frown lines, creases in between your eyebrows, or provide a more alert youthful look across your forehead and eyes, brow lifts are a good solution.

Often times, brow lifts complement cosmetic procedures like facelifts, lower eyelid surgery, or skin resurfacing.


Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing uses two lasers such as the carbon dioxide and erbium, to erase issues on the surface of your skin.

This treatment can reverse wrinkles, scars, acne scars, warts, and enlarged oil glands. It does take up to two weeks to recover from the treatment, but the results typically last around 6 months.


Chemical peels

Another popular facial treatment is chemical peels. It is one of the least invasive ways to repair your skin.

It works by dabbing a chemical solution to the surface of your skin causing it to shed. This then triggers the skin’s natural regeneration process and new skin cells are formed. It typically treats conditions like rosacea, acne, melasma and more.

This treatment isn’t always best for sensitive skin, but it can provide fairly quick results such as smoother, clearer skin.


What Conditions Can Be Treated?

Facial aesthetic treatments are designed for a variety of conditions. Some of the most commonly treated are:

  • – Acne
  • – Wrinkles
  • – Veins
  • – Brown Spots
  • – Sun damage
  • – Dehydrated skin
  • – Excess hair
  • – Dull surface layer
  • – And much more

Whether you decide to get a botox treatment or dermal fillers, or a brow lift, there are countless options that will fit your unique situation.

The first step towards getting high-quality results in it to ensure that you know what your options are. The best way to do that is to see a professional in person. Each treatment is different and may require a specialist.

For more information about what to expect when you opt for facial aesthetic treatments, connect with our team. We would love to talk to you about the best solution for your needs and your skin. Contact us today for a free consultation.




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