Are you thinking about getting Botox injections? If so, you have likely run across several misconceptions about Botox and how it works on your body.

Botox is one of the most commonly misunderstood aesthetic enhancing tools we use. Aside from Botox cost, we frequently get asked about the following 5 myths and how they relate to the process.

Whether you want to improve your brow-line, reduce fine-lines, or simply relax muscles in your face, we hope this information soothes your concerns and gets you into our office soon.

Myth #1. When you stop treatments, your wrinkles worsen.


If you stop Botox treatments your skin will go back to its previous condition. Botox prevents your wrinkles from worsening during your treatments, but it does not do this permanently. You must continue treatments to see the results you desire.

The process does take a while, however. After you stop your treatments, your skin will lose the relaxing effect of the Botox and go back to normal movement. However, this does not make your wrinkles worse. Although it might feel that way since you aren’t used to seeing your skin look the way it once did.

Ultimately this myth is a testament to how well Botox works.

Myth #2. You can’t smile after Botox injections.


Botox injections are a treatment designed to enhance your appearance, not scar it.

Under proper supervision and given by a qualified professional, Botox makes your smile look that much better. It relaxes the muscle beneath the lines of your face and allows the rest of your face to appear normal. There is no negative effect on your sensory nerves and you won’t lose the sensation of the muscles in your face.

For more information about the intricacies of this process, see this article from Medicinenet.

Myth #3. There is only one type of Botox.


There are in fact, two types of Botox. The first is used to treat serious medical conditions like migraines, excessive sweating, shoulder and neck spasms, and crossed eyes. The other is used for aesthetic purposes only.
Botox Cosmetic is used for the aesthetics enhancement while traditional Botox is used to treat medical conditions.

Both are used in differing dosages and should not be confused with one another.

We can walk you through the basics of these two types of Botox treatments and what they entail if you contact us today.

Myth #4. Botox injections are painful.


Once again, if administered properly, there is very little pain associated with Botox injections. The process is incredibly quick, even quicker than getting your shots from the doctor.

Additionally, we use a very fine needle to insert the medication into your skin which reduces pain further still. You won’t need any anesthesia to be pain-free, either.

If you hire a highly skilled, professional, and trained aesthetician to perform your Botox injections you shouldn’t experience much pain at all.

Curious about this treatment? Contact our office and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Myth #5. Botox costs are too much for the average person.


The costs of Botox treatments come down to how much product is required to achieve the best possible results.

At Cheadle Facial Aesthetics, we strive to ensure that we use the least amount possible to get your desired look.

If you are comfortable simply reducing fine lines, you likely won’t need a heavy dosage like someone who wants to eliminate all signs of wrinkles on their face.

Prices vary, but it doesn’t have to be beyond your budget.

Myth #5. Botox is a filler.


Botox is a totally different medical treatment than fillers. Botox targets your facial muscles, while a filler fills the lines below the surface of your skin. They give volume to your skin in places where it is needed, while Botox simply relaxes the muscles causing your skin to wrinkle. Both are effective, but definitely not the same treatment.


Ready to improve your appearance with Botox injections? If you need more information about how they work, what to expect when you get them, what the results of Botox are or have any other questions, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Contact our office for more insight into this highly effective treatment.


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