Should You Have A Brow Lift?

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One of our most popular treatments is the brow lift, and it seems to have really become popular in recent months. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of the beauty looks that are popular at the moment focus on the brow area – and if you have wrinkles here then this can really let you down.

The brow lift is sometimes known as eyebrow repositioning, will not only help with wrinkles in the eyebrow area but it can also offer you the opportunity to subtly change your eyebrow shape too – if you so desire.

How does a brow lift work?

Whenever you have a treatment that involves Botox you should know that Botox works by paralysing the muscles it is injected into. Wherever you have muscles on your face, there is a balancing act between them pushing and pulling – in the eye area the forehead muscles push the brows upwards and the frown and eye muscles pull the brows down. During a brow lift Alderley edge the Botox is injected into certain points on the brow to weaken specific points so that the brow lifts or drops in the area that we want it to.

How accurate are Botox brow lifts?

Before we start injecting you with anything, we will take a close look at your face and determine the exact points on your brow that we need to inject the Botox into, and how much Botox we need to use depends on how strong your brow muscles are. We will then make sure that any Botox we do inject helps to soften your look in a natural way.

How long do Botox brow injections last?

It depends on the individual but most Botox injections tend to last between three to six months.

Are there any side effects?

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are always potential side effects with the most common being a harsh unnatural end look caused by incorrect dosage of Botox used, or it is injected into the wrong places. Of course, things like this don’t happen at Cheadle Facial Aesthetics as we are highly trained professionals with years of experience.

If you are thinking about having a brow lift Manchester and want to find out more, then get in touch with our team of cosmetic and facial aesthetic dentists today on 0161 485 7376.




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What Does A Brow Lift Hale Involve?

by on September 10, 2018 | Posted in blog, services

Our Botox brow lift hale is one of our most popular treatments, but what does it involve and what should you expect from the procedure?

What is a Botox brow lift?

Our Botox brow lift procedure is a procedure which is popular for treating the frown lines that can appear between our brows as we get older. It can also help to elevate the height of your eyebrows too by relaxing the muscles between the brows. This relaxation of the forehead muscles allows them to pull up the brow muscles, which in turn lifts your brows to a higher level and opens up your eyes.

You can also opt to have additional Botox injections at the end of your eyebrows in order to smooth out any deep lines in this area, without the need for invasive plastic surgery.

Botox brow lifts are growing in popularity as they are a great way to soften some of the signs of ageing without having to go through a surgical procedure, such as a traditional brow lift.

Can I have a Botox brow lift?

If you are aged 18 or over then you should be able to have a Botox brow lift Wilmslow especially if you have moderate to severe frown lines that you would like to have softened.  You will need to come in for a free consultation with us first, just so that we can assess any risk factors and make sure that it is safe to undertake the procedure.

What to expect when having a Botox brow lift

Botox brow lifts are a relatively straightforward procedure which should only last a few minutes. The needles we use for Botox injections are very small, and so you should feel very little pain during the procedure.

How long will it take to see my brow lift results?

The recovery from and results of Botox treatments are quite speedy compared to other procedures. You should be able to start seeing results of your brow lift within a week of having the injections, although you may not see a significant difference until about a month afterward.

Your Botox treatment should last up to four months before you need to have a top-up, but some people can go as long as six months before they need another injection. You need to commit to regular top-ups in order to prevent the wrinkles from re-appearing again.

If you would like to find out more about brow lift Stockport then please call us for a free consultation on 0161 485 7376.




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