Whether caused by aging, hormonal changes, or from a lack of sleep, wrinkles can make you feel less like yourself.

Not only that, studies show when we lack confidence and project that outward into the world, we are less likely to do well in our careers and in our social life if we suffer from low confidence.

To communicate effectively with the people around us, we have to focus on the quality of our skin and face. One way to do this is to protect our skin from damage caused by UV rays. UV rays damage collagen and elastin fibers that are embedded in the skin. By using protection on the most sensitive areas of the face you can reduce your risk of damage.

Another tip is to use medical-grade moisturising eye creams and serums. These products should contain ingredients like tretinoin or retinol. This rebuilds collagen to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. Other products that contain hyaluronic acids also give off balanced results.

The bad news is, no amount of caffeine or sleep can take care of the worst wrinkles of them all. The good news is, facial fillers and cosmetic fillers can provide the relief we seek.

These products provide incredible relief from a wide array of aging problems that many of us suffer from.

At our office, we use facial fillers to do everything from getting rid of tired looking eyes to providing eyebrow lifts. Below we have listed a few other ways you can benefit from facial fillers.


Get rid of Sad Eyes for Good

Your eyes don’t have to look tired, taking with them the youthful glow of the rest of your face. In fact, if you suffer from eyelid and peri-orbital hollowing, fillers such as Juvederm and Belotero could be the best possible option for you.

These fillers are used to ‘fill in’ the areas around your eyes and face that could use a boost. Your youthful facial features were made that way through excess collagen in your skin. As you age, your collagen is depleted, which causes symptoms like sad eyes.

Once you use dermal fillers or facial fillers to pump up these areas, you look refreshed and rejuvenated in a natural way. It’s the perfect solution for this annoying condition.


Eliminating Lip Lines

Another area where many folks have problems is lip lines. One of the worst things about lip lines is that they age you more than virtually any other type of wrinkle. They are obvious to most everyone around you as well.

Lip lines form around the mouth, typically where you smile. For women, these wrinkles begin to develop after you hit menopause. Deeper lines begin to form after menopause. This is because that hormone levels fluctuate and estrogen drops dramatically during this period. Other factors that contribute include smoking, drinking from a straw, and sun-damage.

If you’ve noticed that you are starting to form lip lines, then facial fillers could be the best option for treatment. Botox cosmetic fillers help smooth wrinkles back to your original youthful look. The result is fewer lines around your lips and greater plumpness that contributes to a healthier look overall.


Avoid Hollowed Out Temples

Hollowed temples aren’t typically thought of when we are talking about wrinkles and facial aesthetics, but they create the structure of our face. The hidden eyebrow tail is often caused by hallowed temples and you will find that the temples create the shape and position of your eyebrows and the attractiveness of your eyes.

Dermal fillers are used to treat this condition by filling the areas around the brow line and in the temple to create a fuller look. By smoothing over these areas, you can enjoy a more attractive face and a more youthful glow.

Not convinced that dermal fillers and cosmetic fillers are tested enough to use for your hollowed temples? Then check out this scientific peer-reviewed study on their use.


Volumise Your Face

Another issue that many people suffer from is a loss of volume.

Volume in the facial tissue is important because it is what gives you the youthful look most women and men wish to keep throughout their lives.

A loss of volume can deflate the skin and cause hollowing and atrophy overall. Fatty loss leads to this situation. However, by using dermal and cosmetic fillers to volumise your face, the result is the perfect balance between plumpness and concave.

If you’re ready to enjoy a more attractive youthful appearance, then consider contacting our team today for more information about our dermal fillers, cosmetic fillers, and eyebrow lift services.




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7 Surprising Conditions Botox Can Treat

by on November 20, 2017 | Posted in blog

Botox is often synonymous with cosmetic surgery and treatments. But did you know that when you get your Botox in Stockport you could be treating a whole host of skin conditions? Researchers are just starting to discover the true power of Botox which is leading to innovative new treatment options you just have to know about.

Today we’re taking a look at how our Botox in Stockport could be the treatment you didn’t know you needed. Here are 7 surprising conditions that Botox can help treat.

1. Psoriasis

According to the Psoriasis Association, Psoriasis affects some 3% of the UK population. Characterized as an immune condition that causes symptoms to appear on the skin and inside the joints. This illness causes your skin to replace itself more quickly than it would normally—just a few days instead of up to 28 days. This causes raised plaques to pop up on the skin which results in itchy, scaly skin.

Botox can help. The toxin used in the treatment reduces inflamed cells that lead to flare-ups. This, in turn, reduces symptoms. If you are suffering from Psoriasis, Botox can hold out hope. Contact the Cheadle Facial Aesthetics team for more information about this treatment.

2. To prevent aging

Most people think of Botox as a treatment for wrinkles and fine lines, and while they are correct, what they might not know is that you can use Botox as a preventative tool to ward off wrinkles as you age. While there is some controversy over using Botox in your 20s, it can actually be the best treatment option to prevent premature aging.

Similar to buying a very expensive car that you only drive once in a while, you would still take it out to have it serviced to prevent it from losing its value, you can use Botox to prevent wrinkles from forming on your face.

We highly recommend using it as a treatment option if you are highly animated in your facial expression, spend a lot of time in the sun, or are a smoker.

3. Migraines

You probably did not know that Botox could be used to treat migraines, but research shows there is a lot of promise in this area.

In the United States, the FDA has recently approved of using Botox as a preventative treatment for migraines. Anyone who has over 15 of these headaches per month can reduce that number with just one injection every 12 weeks. Once again, Botox serves as a preventative to keep these awful headaches at bay.

You can learn more about using Botox to treat your migraines at the American Migraine Foundation. It’s fascinating how a toxin can actually prevent pain in those who cannot find relief elsewhere.

4. To treat your smile

Good news for those who suffer from smiles they’re not happy with, Botox can help there too! Particularly for people who have a gummy smile. Gummy smiles are often caused because the upper lip rises too much when people smile. This creates an undesirable effect for some people.

Botox can help by controlling the muscles in the upper lip and weakening them so the lip doesn’t rise as high. Just like with regular Botox injections, the process is in and out and takes a matter of minutes and the results are instantaneous. Of course, you need a qualified professional to perform your injection to reduce negative side effects like too much Botox which can lead to a drooping smile.

5. Bladder problems

People who suffer from incontinence can benefit from Botox in Hale. If you suffer from an intense desire to go to the bathroom frequently, then Botox can limit your overactive bladder problems. Injecting Botox directly into your bladder can reduce symptoms for up to six months.

Even though there are plenty of other treatments available, Botox is a simple, hassle-free method that anyone can use to regain control over their bladder.

6. Teeth Grinding

Botox can also be effective for treating a common condition where you grind your teeth—especially while sleeping. Many people who suffer from this issue do it subconsciously. Botox can weaken your facial muscles just enough so that you can continue to eat normally but not grind your teeth which can be extremely damaging to your jaw and dental health. If you want to reduce pain in your jaw, then consider getting Botox in Stockport to resolve the issue.

7. Depression

Nearly 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from mental health problems in any given week. Interestingly, Botox has shown some promising results in treating Botox. Research in 2014 showed that half of the people they treated with Botox who suffered from severe depression had fewer depressive symptoms after a single injection in their brow. Researchers believe the connection between our facial expressions and the brain help trigger good feelings which reduce symptoms.

If you are thinking about getting Botox in Wilmslow but don’t know if it’s right for you, reach out to our team. We’d love to discuss these treatment options with you.




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Are you thinking about getting Botox injections? If so, you have likely run across several misconceptions about Botox and how it works on your body.

Botox is one of the most commonly misunderstood aesthetic enhancing tools we use. Aside from Botox cost, we frequently get asked about the following 5 myths and how they relate to the process.

Whether you want to improve your brow-line, reduce fine-lines, or simply relax muscles in your face, we hope this information soothes your concerns and gets you into our office soon.

Myth #1. When you stop treatments, your wrinkles worsen.


If you stop Botox treatments your skin will go back to its previous condition. Botox prevents your wrinkles from worsening during your treatments, but it does not do this permanently. You must continue treatments to see the results you desire.

The process does take a while, however. After you stop your treatments, your skin will lose the relaxing effect of the Botox and go back to normal movement. However, this does not make your wrinkles worse. Although it might feel that way since you aren’t used to seeing your skin look the way it once did.

Ultimately this myth is a testament to how well Botox works.

Myth #2. You can’t smile after Botox injections.


Botox injections are a treatment designed to enhance your appearance, not scar it.

Under proper supervision and given by a qualified professional, Botox makes your smile look that much better. It relaxes the muscle beneath the lines of your face and allows the rest of your face to appear normal. There is no negative effect on your sensory nerves and you won’t lose the sensation of the muscles in your face.

For more information about the intricacies of this process, see this article from Medicinenet.

Myth #3. There is only one type of Botox.


There are in fact, two types of Botox. The first is used to treat serious medical conditions like migraines, excessive sweating, shoulder and neck spasms, and crossed eyes. The other is used for aesthetic purposes only.
Botox Cosmetic is used for the aesthetics enhancement while traditional Botox is used to treat medical conditions.

Both are used in differing dosages and should not be confused with one another.

We can walk you through the basics of these two types of Botox treatments and what they entail if you contact us today.

Myth #4. Botox injections are painful.


Once again, if administered properly, there is very little pain associated with Botox injections. The process is incredibly quick, even quicker than getting your shots from the doctor.

Additionally, we use a very fine needle to insert the medication into your skin which reduces pain further still. You won’t need any anesthesia to be pain-free, either.

If you hire a highly skilled, professional, and trained aesthetician to perform your Botox injections you shouldn’t experience much pain at all.

Curious about this treatment? Contact our office and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Myth #5. Botox costs are too much for the average person.


The costs of Botox treatments come down to how much product is required to achieve the best possible results.

At Cheadle Facial Aesthetics, we strive to ensure that we use the least amount possible to get your desired look.

If you are comfortable simply reducing fine lines, you likely won’t need a heavy dosage like someone who wants to eliminate all signs of wrinkles on their face.

Prices vary, but it doesn’t have to be beyond your budget.

Myth #5. Botox is a filler.


Botox is a totally different medical treatment than fillers. Botox targets your facial muscles, while a filler fills the lines below the surface of your skin. They give volume to your skin in places where it is needed, while Botox simply relaxes the muscles causing your skin to wrinkle. Both are effective, but definitely not the same treatment.


Ready to improve your appearance with Botox injections? If you need more information about how they work, what to expect when you get them, what the results of Botox are or have any other questions, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Contact our office for more insight into this highly effective treatment.


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Post-Op Tips for Cosmetic Facial Surgery

by on August 21, 2017 | Posted in blog

Cosmetic facial surgery is a delicate process. As experts in facial aesthetics in Wilmslow, we provide our patients with the ultimate in cosmetic facial surgery. We also know that post-surgery is often the most trying time for our patients. Bruising, swelling and scarring can be frightening, especially if you don’t know how to take care of your skin after surgery.

You can avoid some of the more negative symptoms post-ops if you take proper care of yourself. Here are a few simple ways you can do this.


Nurture Your Skin After Surgery

Your skin is directly affected by your surgery. When we offer our facial aesthetics in Stockport, we pride ourselves in showing our patients how to nurture their skin. In fact, we recognise how important it is to take care of your skin to optimise your results. If your skin tends to be on the redder side normally, for example, you’ll want to use mild, hypoallergenic products and fragrance-free moisturisers to nourish your skin during the healing period.


Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Our facial aesthetics in Hale are designed to help patients get the most from their surgery. That’s why we send our patients home with a list of instructions. Each step we outline gets our patients one step closer to the look they crave.

After your surgery, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders, take medications on time and according to your prescription, and avoid medications you’ve been advised to stay away from. Your doctor will also take the time to give you a list of instructions on how to handle day-to-day care to guarantee you heal correctly.


Identify Your Caregiver Before Your Surgery

Many people fail to realise they’ll need both physical and mental support after they have surgery. In most cases, patients will be out 1-3 months depending on the type of surgery they’ve had. During the weeks immediately following their surgery, patients are severely dependent on other people to care for them. Instead of waiting until after the surgery or only planning to have someone drive you home, be sure to request help from a friend to care for you post-surgery.


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is crucial to the skin and body. In fact, the human body is 65% water. After and before receiving facial aesthetics in Stockport, your routine should include hydration. Why? There are several reasons.

  • – Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water each day before surgery cleanses and hydrates the body because your intake of fluid on the day of your surgery is reduced.
  • – It promotes healing. The body requires fluids to bring fresh blood cells to the surface of your skin. Drinking less water can be dangerous.
  • – To flush surgical medications from your body. The 72 hours following your surgery anesthesia will still be in your body (if it was used). Drinking plenty of water post-surgery helps flush that medication out of your body and get you back to feeling like yourself.

Stay hydrated before and after your surgery to heal your body from the inside out.


Don’t Smoke

When clients come to us looking for facial aesthetics in Hale one of the first things we ask is if they smoke. Smoking is not only dangerous to the body, it can also put you at risk during surgery. To heal more quickly, however, we highly recommend that you quit smoking at least a few months before and a few months after your surgery.

Smokers are much more likely to have to go on a ventilator post-surgery than nonsmokers. Not only that, but your body is also held back from healing properly if you smoke cigarettes. Try to stop smoking now if you’re considering cosmetic surgery of any kind.


Use a Massage

You might not think it, but massage is incredibly helpful. Massage doesn’t just relax you, it’s also proven to increase blood flow to an area of the body where the surgery took place. This, in turn, prevents scar tissue build up around the incision. Once your stitches are removed, begin massaging the area with a natural moisturising cream.

Another way massage helps is by draining the lymphatic system. Swelling is caused by inactivity of the fluid around the area affected. Lymphatic drainage massage (LDM) moves fluid away from the lymph system in a healthy way. This also stimulates the immune system. Consider scheduling a massage after your surgery if you want to heal more quickly.

Surgery can be frightening, but if you arm yourself with these key tips you can enjoy all the benefits of your facial aesthetics in Wilmslow. For more post-op tips, please reach out to our team today.




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Facial aesthetics are a revolutionary part of the beauty industry. More than just beauty treatments, facial aesthetics can reverse skin damage and help repair scars. If you’re more into the beauty aspects of what they can do for you, then you’ll love today’s post.

At Cheadle Facial Aesthetics, we’re passionate about helping folks get the beauty care they’re looking for. We offer a wide range of services including Dermal Fillers and Botox in Manchester.

Curious about what happens when you sign up for one of these treatments? Then come with us as we explore each of our two most popular services and what you can expect.



Botox treatment involves a substance called Clostridium Botulinum. It is found throughout nature, and when even tiny amounts are injected into the skin with a fine needle the nerve cell signals are prevented from reaching the muscles. As a result, the muscles are unable to tense up, causing an instant relaxation effect.

While much has been written about Botox, it’s actually one of the safest Facial Aesthetics treatments available. Still not convinced? Then check out these peer-reviewed studies about the substance and its safety.

As with any medical treatment, there is some risk involved, but if you’ve been given the all clear from your doctor the treatment should be just fine.


What It Can Treat

Botox can treat a variety of issues. Some of the most common include:

  • – Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • – Chronic Pain
  • – Sweating
  • – Overactive Bladder
  • – Migraines
  • – Eye Treatments

In our clinic, clients typically are looking to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles. We administer botox regularly to such clients.


What to Expect From Your Treatment

Botox injections are fairly pain-free, with a slight stinging of the needle. The procedure is out-patient, and the downtime is minimal. There may be some swelling at the site of your injection, but if the swelling doesn’t go down within 2 weeks you should come in to see us or your practitioner.


How Long Results Last

How long each treatment lasts varies from person to person. For first time patients, results typically last up to three months but can last longer. You’ll need to come back in to see us once you notice the treatment is wearing off.

Overall, Botox is one of our most prized treatments and can be used in various parts of your body. No matter where you experience wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, or frown lines Botox can reverse the effects and give you a youthful appearance.


Dermal Fillers

Are you thinking about using Dermal Fillers to reverse the signs of aging? If so, you’re in good company. We offer the highest quality dermal fillers in Manchester all of which are designed to make your skin and appearance more youthful.

Dermal Fillers contain various ingredients, but most are hyaluronic acid based. This ingredient is naturally occurring and is a sugar chain molecule that binds water in the skin, creating a plumper, more attractive look.


What They Treat

Dermal Fillers are typically used to create a more youthful appearance, but here is the full range of uses for injectables.

  • – Fine Lines
  • – Frown Lines
  • – Lip Enhancement
  • – Recessed Scar treatment


What to Expect From Treatment

Dermal Filler injections are done in the office and are non-surgical. You’ll meet with one of our facial aesthetics experts to discuss your treatment first. Once the treatment is agreed upon with your doctor, the next step is cleaning the area and adding a topical numbing solution to prevent any pain from the process. Then the practitioner will inject the filler to the exact area where the filler is needed. The filler will go under the skin and fill up the surrounding area, creating a fuller look and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

You may experience some light bruising and swelling at the site of the injection, but you should be able to go right back to your normal activities after your treatment. These injections and Dermal fillers in Manchester are extremely convenient and produce long-lasting results. Speaking of which…


How Long Results Last

Results typically last from 6 to 18 months. Which is obviously much longer than Botox. Many patients prefer Dermal Fillers to Botox in Manchester for this exact reason.


Come see the Cheadle Facial Aesthetics Team to Learn More!

Curious about these treatment options? Then come see us. Our team is dedicated to making you look your best, so schedule your first appointment with us today!




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Do you want to get rid of wrinkles? Are you looking for a non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate fine lines? If so, Botox might be right for you.

As with any treatment, it is always a good idea to do your research before booking an appointment for treatment. At Cheadle Facial Aesthetics in Manchester, we provide a holistic approach to your aesthetic concerns.

If the following sounds good to you, it might be time to use Botox services.

No Surgery

Facial Aesthetics in ManchesterOne of the most pressing concerns for cosmetic care is that surgery may be required. With Botox, there is no such concern.

Botox is an out-patient service. Dentists like us offer Botox in Cheadle for patients who want to create a more youthful appearance without the risks or downtime of surgery.

Simply come into the office, fill out a bit of paperwork, and receive your first Botox treatment.




Botox Can Eliminate Crow’s Feet

Brow Lifts in ManchesterIf you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing crow’s feet, then Botox could very well be the best option for you.

Crow’s feet and fine lines are incredibly difficult to eliminate. They are located in an extremely sensitive area of the face. Without the proper training, wrinkles here can be quite the undertaking to relax.

The good news is with Botox the process is quick and easy and works. After a single treatment, you’ll notice the desired result.

Virtually Pain-Free

Botox is virtually pain-free. Many patients don’t experience any discomfort with treatment. Injections are quick, eliminating any lingering pain you might experience. Most side effects are minimal at worst.

In terms of facial aesthetics, Botox produces the best results with the least amount of pain or risk.

Natural Results

Unlike what you may have heard, Botox produces natural looking results. No, your face won’t freeze, and yes, you’ll have complete mobility. The only thing you have to lose are your wrinkles.

For the complete Botox and wrinkle reducing treatment, come see us at Cheadle Facial Aesthetics in Manchester. We’ll happily discuss this process and why it might be the right choice for you. We also offer brow lifts in Manchester if you’re interested in creating a holistic beauty outcome.















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